NetSuite Dunning Letters

A Financial Management Solution

netsuite duninng letters

The NetSuite Dunning Letters add-on module enables businesses to automate collections and improve their cash flow.

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Key Benefits

  • Improve collections turnover
  • Reduce days sales outstanding (DSO)
  • Minimize bad debt write-offs 
  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of collections staff 
  • Improve cash flow and collections visibility

Key Features & Capabilities

  • Dunning letter dashboards
  • Define amount and timing thresholds
  • Build templates for easy letter creation
  • Define workflows that automate the processes

About NetSuite Dunning Letters

Managing collections requires proactive communication with customers to ensure timely payment of invoices. NetSuite Dunning Letters simplifies the communications process, sending payment reminders automatically at specified intervals based on account balance, invoice amount, or other criteria. Increase your collections by automatically delivering consistent, professional dunning notices in multiple languages and currencies.

Dunning Levels 

Define the escalation points or dunning levels that best fit your organization. Dunning levels define thresholds for sending notices on overdue amounts and number of days overdue, and allow you to create different letter templates for each level. Set the amount of time that should pass before sending a dunning letter to a customer. 


Dunning Templates and Workflows  

With NetSuite, you can create multiple dunning letter templates and schedules to meet different requirements. NetSuite allows you to decide which customers or invoices require dunning, allowing white glove treatment of critical accounts while standardizing communications to lower-tier customers. Use these criteria to develop automated dunning workflows with different messaging and intensity, such as a prepayment reminder followed by 30-, 60- and 90-day overdue notices. Depending on the preferences, email letters automatically or email or print letters manually. The letter template used by the system will depend on the dunning level of the customer or invoice. Improve customer relationships by pausing the dunning process while dealing with customer billing inquiries, or allowing extra time for payment to be received before sending another letter.  


Dunning Dashboard 

With NetSuite Dunning Letters, you can keep track of accounts with different dunning statuses with charts and lists on the Dunning dashboard, including:

  • Dunning overdue receivables
  • Dunning overdue receivables by age
  • Dunning overdue receivables by customer
  • Dunning average time to pay
  • Total A/R overdue
  • Customers with paused dunning
  • Invoices with paused dunning
  • Recently sent/printed dunning letters

Dunning Letters FAQs

  • Does Anchor Group implement NetSuite Dunning Letters?

    Yes! Anchor Group provides implementation services for NetSuite modules, including NetSuite Dunning Letters. Contact us to learn more about our NetSuite module implementation services!


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