NetSuite Data Center

A Data & Analytics Management Solution

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Provide your businesses with enterprise-class data management, security, performance and availability through datacenters that leverage cloud infrastructure designed around redundancy to provide disaster recovery and failover capabilities.

Want more information on how the NetSuite Data Center can help you with data management, application security, operational security, performance, and availability? Continue reading, or download the PDF data sheet on NetSuite Data Center to learn more.


Key Benefits

  • Operational security through separation of duties
  • Support from world-class hosting operations team
  • Support from dedicated event response team
  • Service Level Commitment (SLC)
  • Reliable Data Management
  • Application Security

Key Features & Capabilities

  • Encryption, IP address restrictions, & role level access
  • Redundancy, disaster recovery (DR)
  • Security and privacy certifications
  • Scalable application architecture
  • Performance monitoring tool
  • High performance datacenters

About NetSuite Data Center

The Oracle NetSuite DataCenter provides your organization with the tools you need to effectively and securely manage your data. Performance is increased with data management scalability, a dedicated performance team, availability, network design, and data center performance audits. Security needs are met with a dedicated security team and physical access rules.

Protect Your Data

Oracle NetSuite Data Center provides application security through encryption, IP address restrictions, role level access, and idle disconnect. The module also provides operational security through continuous monitoring, separation of duties, as well as security and privacy certifications. NetSuite Data Center provides you with disaster recovery (DR) for reliable data management at all times.

Why NetSuite Data Canter?

NetSuite Data Centers are high performance datacenters with scalable application architecture and performance monitoring tools. The module includes Service Level Commitment (SLC). Get support from dedicated hosting operations and event response teams.


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