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NetSuite ERP for University Education

NetSuite for Education unifies finance, human resources, procurement, asset management, and projects in a way that can benefit educational institutions of all levels.

As part of NetSuite's fully integrated suite of solutions, it offers tangible benefits, such as improving financial transparency, automating workflow processes and productivity, and evaluating income-generating opportunities across your entire institution.

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Key Benefits

  • Improve financial transparency 
  • Streamline purchasing processes 
  • Focus on operational effectiveness 
  • Understand what each piece of equipment costs & contributes
  • Eliminate siloed processes and procedures
  • Focus more on students, compliance, and responsibility
  • Enable data-driven decision-making

Key Features & Capabilities

  • Comprehensive Financial Management
  • Integrated Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Constituent Relationship Management
  • Fundraising
  • Online Ecommerce
  • Spend Management

About NetSuite for Education

NetSuite for Education helps you plan out your budgeting more easily, manage your expenses more efficiently, and allow for hassle-free flexible billing. In addition, NetSuite for Education provides you with statistical account functionalities for reporting both monetary and non-monetary values.

NetSuite ERP provides:

  • Solutions tailored to the unique needs of dynamic institutions
  • A robust set of tools to respond to changing conditions
  • All the business information necessary to enable effective and timely decision-making


Improve Institutional Effectiveness

If you want your institution to thrive in today's busy marketplace, you can't afford to ignore the impact outdated systems have on people's productivity and experience. NetSuite can help you make the most of valuable staff time and maximize funding while keeping pace with an increasingly tech-savvy world.

  • Eliminate siloed processes and procedures
  • Focus more on students, compliance, and responsibility
  • Enable data-driven decision-making
  • View and analyze data from individual departments across the campus, from intricate details to intuitive visualizations
  • Take advantage of income-generating opportunities throughout the institution, including housing, facilities, and instruction

Conventional, labor-intensive systems and disjointed manual processes no longer meet these needs. So why let them stop you? Give your teams and students the time, visibility, and control they need to make a difference and achieve success with NetSuite.


Improved Financial Management

NetSuite ERP for education provides the visibility and control to drive financial efficiency, even for the world's largest, most diverse, or ever-changing national and international universities. Not only are users able to meet all of their statutory accounting and reporting obligations, but they are also much better placed to minimize risks, respond to change, and seize opportunities. The system has been designed to meet the detailed accounting requirements of critical users in education finance teams.

  • Get a complete description of processes and operations in a single system
  • Benefit from integrated institution-wide data management and analysis tools
  • Reduce time spent on administrative tasks versus strategic and core activities
  • Lower your total cost of ownership and cost of change

NetSuite helps you achieve faster close times through standardization and automation of administrative processes across the institution. Provide powerful workflows and self-service tools to your faculty and staff, giving them timely access to data on-demand in easy-to-use dashboards to simplify strategic decision-making.


NetSuite Human Resources (HR) Solutions

Educational institutions face many human resource challenges, from ever-changing regulations to inefficiency in managing multiple payrolls and human resource systems, or difficulty recruiting distinguished and promising Faculty members. Whether you are looking for specific autonomous systems or a total people management software package, this HR and payroll solution offers the operational agility to manage each stage of the employee lifecycle.

  • Manage every aspect of the hire-to-retire cycle for each of your employees
  • With employee and manager self-service, make sure all of your people are up-to-date on everything they need to know
  • Standardize and simplify business processes and monitor trends such as absenteeism
  • Keep data organized and secure, no matter where it comes from or how intricate and changeable

NetSuite for ERP enables you to provide full payment support for all employees while complying with legal, regulatory, and tax requirements. When regulations change, the solution's unique architecture means that you can quickly adapt and update the system yourself to reflect the new structures and procedures.


Purchasing and Provisioning Tools

With a single purchasing system fully integrated with your accounts, you can gain better visibility and control of your institution's expenses and commitments. This is especially important for universities and colleges. There is often a mix of centralized and decentralized purchasing, along with a need for faster-automated approval routing and real-time monitoring of planned, committed, and incurred project costs.

  • Benefit from a single, integrated control and information center
  • Understand what each piece of equipment costs… and contributes to the organization
  • Get better visibility and control of your institution's expenses and commitments throughout the purchasing process

NetSuite ERP for the education sector includes a fully integrated and complete solution that supports, automates, and standardizes all purchasing and purchasing cycle stages. The solution provides your purchasing team with better central visibility and analysis of spending patterns, so they can aggregate spending across preferred or strategic vendors, reduce nonconformity spending, and negotiate better terms and prices. Users can also access vendor market websites or portals, and the solution's workflow tools quickly and automatically route purchase requests for more efficient verification and approval.


Fixed Asset Management for Campuses

This asset management solution has been developed for educational institutions with the ambition to attract students by offering a high-quality campus and facilities.

  • Reduce daily business disruption as a result of inefficient assets
  • Improve the quality and life expectancy of your estate assets and defer replacement
  • Maximize the return on investment of your asset costs
  • Maximize the efficiency and productivity of property management operations
  • Optimize communication in a field service operation

NetSuite can help support end-to-end management of your campus property portfolio. The solution supports the entire process, from planning and strategy preparation to execution and accounting.


NetSuite Managed Services for Educational Institutions

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