Extending Native Events in SuiteCommerce

in , April 5th, 2024
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If you are a developer who works to customize SuiteCommerce websites, you'll find that adding or updating the defined events for a native SuiteCommerce view file is a common need. Doing it correctly is key. See the example below for how to safely extend events in SuiteCommerce.

define('ExtendEvents.Example', [
        'ProductDetails.Full.View' //load the view you wish to extend
    function (
    ) {
        'use strict';

        return {
            mountToApp: function (container) {
                ProductDetailsFullView.prototype.events = _.extend(ProductDetailsFullView.prototype.events || {}, {
                    'some event': 'functionName'

Key Takeaways of Extending Native SuiteCommerce Events

“events” may not be defined on the object. Be sure to handle that by using code like:

ProductDetailsFullView.prototype.events || {}

You can change multiple things when extending events

  1. Add a new event for a view. Be sure to define the function on the view prototype as well in this case.
  2. Remove an event from a view.
  3. Change the function an existing event is mapped to.
  4. Change an existing event.

 Author: Sam Gagliardi

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