End of the Stream or Document Separator is Expected - Stencil Bundle Error

in , July 9th, 2024
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Formatting Error in Stencil Theme

When bundling your stencil theme, a common error that you will get is as follows.

Error: Error: end of the stream or a document separator is expected (3:98)

This error concerns how your HTML files are formatted in your stencil theme. It is a blocker to bundling your stencil theme and will prevent you from pushing your theme to the BigCommerce environment.

Resolving this Stencil Bundle Error

One thing that will cause this problem revolves around comments in both HTML and handlebars. This happens when you have three or more consecutive hyphens (-) in a row. This is because the HTML file will read it as a YAML statement.

The simple solution is to read the error code, locate the issued code, and remove the hyphen. Below is a common example with HTML comments.

<!---This is a comment--->

Turn the above into the below.

<!--This is a better comment that doesn't break stencil-->
Note: You will want to read the error code to find which file is causing the error. Stencil uses YAML very frequently, so global searching for “---” may make it difficult to find your error.

Author: Maxwell Sherwin

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