Default vs Custom Hosting Files (in SuiteCommerce and SCA)

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This article provides more information on the differences between Custom Hosting Files and Live Site Hosting Files. In short, custom hosting files are available for Site Builder Sites and SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA), and for SuiteCommerce sites, the customer must use Live Site Hosting files.

What are the hosting files?

The website hosting files are loaded into the File Cabinet, storing and organizing your business documents similarly to how a computer stores data. Some key benefits of utilizing the hosting files include:

  • You can attach files stored in the File Cabinet to records such as customer records, transactions, or cases.
  • For websites, all website assets (images, HTML files, and SSP applications, for example) are stored here.

Only those with the Administrator role and users with the Documents and Files permission can access the File Cabinet.

Custom Hosting Files - Site Builder and SuiteCommerce Advanced

Custom Hosting Files can be used for Site Builder Sites and Suite Commerce Advanced sites. For SuiteCommerce Advanced sites, you can customize the SCA Source Code.

  • To keep the edited files, you may want to create custom files to keep the edits separate from the Native SuiteCommerce Advanced files to keep the original files.
  • This can store customizable images, sitemaps, documents, and other information related to CMS records in these custom folders.

Documents > Files > File Cabinet – Website Hosting Files – {Custom Hosting Files}

SCA : Website Set Up Record

To select the custom hosting files in the Website Setup Record, navigate to the Commerce Tab > Websites > Website List and select the site and domain you want to configure. Next, go to the Setup Tab. Here, you can select the hosting files for your SCA site.

SCA : Domain Record

To select the custom hosting files in the Domain Record, navigate to the Commerce Tab > Hosting > Domains and select the site and domain you want to configure. Next, you will see the drop-down for multiple hosting roots. Select the root from which you would like the domain record to pull files.

SuiteCommerce Standard Sites

Let's say that your company is pivoting from SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) to a SuiteCommerce site, and you currently use Custom Hosting Files rather than the native Default (Live Site) Hosting Files.

One of the major differences between SuiteCommerce standard sites and SuiteCommerce Advanced Sites is the inability to edit the Source Code. As a result, SuiteCommerce sites cannot currently use custom hosting files. Important functionalities like the extension manager and CMS records will not function properly as they are built to pull from the Live Hosting Files.

Note: The NetSuite developers provided this information with the 2024 release of NetSuite, and it is subject to change on NetSuite's timeline.

Looking for support in migrating from a SuiteCommerce Advanced site to a SuiteCommerce site? Contact our team; we can help you through the process, including the complexities around hosting files!

Author: KC Daniels

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