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in , April 16th, 2024
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BigCommerce Headless has a ton of moving parts that can be difficult to keep track of. The ecosystem is ever-evolving, and at times, it can become hard to tell where you should look when troubleshooting BigCommerce issues. This article lists BigCommerce concerns separated by topic and where users may want to look when troubleshooting an issue in the BigCommerce environment. At the bottom of the article, I have also included a list of BigCommerce case studies that users can read to better understand how BigCommerce headless apps are designed and structured.

Note that this is a living document: Feel free to use the online chat widget to let us know if you think we missed something, or if you have reccomendations of other resources you think we ought to add to this BigCommerce resource pool!

BigCommerce Specific Documentation

This is a list of links to BigCommerce’s documentation resources that are the most helpful for finding answers to basic BigCommerce questions. All the following documentation is for BigCommerce-specific platform help. If you are facing troubles with Stencil, your store hub, or the partner portal, try looking here for help.

Catalyst Specific Documentation

Catalyst is BigCommerce’s new project that is looking to replace the current stencil page builder. The following list of documentation is a great place to look if you are building the front end of a Catalyst headless application. Headless is a detached front end, so this documentation will only help with development within the context of the Next.js environment. If you are looking for help within the store portal, look at the BigCommerce specific documentation above.

Next.js Specific Documentation

Next.js is the core foundation of the Catalyst framework. If you are looking for documentation on building components or dealing with Next.js middleware that would not fall within the context of the Catalyst documentation, the answer is probably here.

Makeswift Documentation

Makeswift is the page builder of choice for use with the new Catalyst architecture. For information on building Makeswift components or pages look to the documentation links below.

BigCommerce Case Studies

Below are case studies for both BigCommerce monolith and headless builds. Reading a few case studies can greatly help you understand BigCommerce monolith and headless architecture.

Resources for Understanding Headless Architecture

Author: Maxwell Sherwin

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