Auto Apply SuitePromotions Checkbox Not Showing

in , April 12th, 2024

When creating a SuitePromotion, you may find that the “Auto Apply Promotion” checkbox is not present on the promotion record or the website setup record.

To get to SuitePromotions, go to Commerce > Marketing > Promotions. If you do not have the promotions tab, you may need to enable SuitePromotions.

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Promotions form without Auto Apply Promotion checkbox

How to Display the Auto Apply Promotion Checkbox

To fix this issue, you must ensure that the Auto Apply Promotions is enabled. To enable, go to Setup > Company > Enable Features:

Then go to the Transactions tab and scroll down to the Sales section. Check the Auto Apply Promotions box.

Please Note: This will have impact on both the UI and SuiteCommerce side. Be sure to check with any ERP teams who may be involved before enabling.

Once this is enabled, refresh your promotion record, and you will see the Auto Apply box appear!

Author: Sam Galvin

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