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RF Scanners and Barcoding Hardware Solutions

Barcoding, Inc. has partnered with Oracle NetSuite to help warehouses and distribution centers become more efficient, accurate, and connected. Barcoding offers a "Built for NetSuite" solution that introduces greater levels of efficiency into a NetSuite customer's operation. Barcoding's Warehouse Readiness for Oracle NetSuite can include help with mobile scanning hardware, wireless connectivity, and labeling solutions. Barcoding ensures all mobile scanning devices arrive fully configured and ready to use right out of the box and continues to support everything, post deployment.


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Barcoding Solutions For Oracle NetSuite WMS

NetSuite WMS (Warehouse Management System) add-on module greatly enhances warehouse operations through the use of mobile RF handheld devices that allow data validation and real-time inventory updates.

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Barcoding works directly with NetSuite WMS customers to ready their operations for implementation by focusing on the most critical areas of WMS readiness:

  • Oracle NetSuite Warehouse readiness assessment
  • All necessary hardware (Mobile RF handheld devices, scanners, printers, etc.) - configured for NetSuite WMS
  • Deployment and support services
  • Label and label generation
  • Integration services
  • Wireless infrastructure
  • Heightened data validation
  • Bin to bin replenishment & cycle count plans
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Oracle NetSuite WMS requires the use of mobile devices. Barcoding will save you time by providing fully configured, ready-to-use scanners, and can also supply add-ons such as charging cables, cases and mounting configurations.

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A WMS is only as good as its connectivity. By providing site surveys on power and Wi-Fi coverage, Barcoding will help keep your scanners connected to Oracle NetSuite WMS at all times!

(Predictive, Active, and Passive Site Surveys available)

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Signage and Labeling

Barcoding brings purpose-built labeling solutions and custom signage (warehouse signage, supplies strategizing, custom label design and generation support, printer packages, etc.) to keep your warehouse organized.


Barcoding Features

  • Compliance with GS1 standards
  • Compliance with RAIN RFID standards
  • Predictive, active, and passive site surveys
  • Mobile computer and scanners selection
  • Configuration, kitting, and shipping
  • Mobile device management services
  • Recommendations for hardware add-ons
  • Signage and labeling services
  • Customer compliant labeling
  • Serial shipping container codes (SSCC’s)
  • ASN’s / EDI

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