Data Conversion for NetSuite Implementation

Leverage Technology that Helps Complete Data Migration Tasks

Let's make the implementation process as easy as possible! Save your accounting team time for completing other value-added tasks by utilizing technology that helps you manage data conversion. Balancing month-end closes, audits, budgets, and other tasks as a small finance team is challenging, so simplify the process by ensuring that all transactions are in NetSuite, rather than split between two systems.

NetSuite Data Migration

Migrate Your Detailed Transaction History With Peace of Mind

  • Keep sales and purchase history in your NetSuite system for reporting and planning purposes
  • Importing transactions eases quarterly & annual audit preparation
  • Ensure you make your target go-live date by having a data conversion expert handle this challenging task
  • No need for manually entering historical transactions into NetSuite
  • Audit package and post-go-live support for your financial statement auditors comfortable with the implementation process

Included Services:

  • Import historical financial transactions from your legacy system to NetSuite
  • Preparation and review of segments, customer, vendor, and employee record import files
  • Financial timeout package for guiding auditors through implementation
  • Assistance with report building and other commonly requested saved searches


  • Base technology fee of $5,000 includes monthly net change journal entry for up to five years of history
  • Incremental technology fee of $250/mo per operating subsidiary of transactions imported**
  • Consulting billed at $185/hr - Includes time for data preparation, segment structure review, report building, and answering questions

**Monthly technology fee increases by $0.025/transaction over 10,000 transactions per month. (This is rare.)

Ready for Better Data Conversion?

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Take advantage of a data migration solution that has helped complete 20+ NetSuite implementations since 2020!

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