Personalized Catalog View (PCV) Alternative

A SuiteCommerce Extension by the Developers at Anchor Group

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Use this PCV alternative solution to map a certain customer type to a certain group of products, and restrict access to products that fall outside a customer's visibility.

This extension replicates the behavior of SuiteCommerce personalized catalog views (PCV), but allows for tighter restrictions overall. With this solution, customers cannot find items outside their visibility in searches in the web store or through the direct URL.


Bundle Features

  • This extension replicates the behavior of personalized catalog views
  • Utilizes auto-applied facets to filter items to the correct customer segment for better performance.

Business Use Cases

  • Create personalized store views for customers with more complete restrictions than PCV views
  • Prevent customers from finding items that fall outside their visibility permissions in web store search results or through direct URLs.

Product Details

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