Contact Management Solution

SuiteCommerce MyAccount Solution by Anchor Group Developers


Keep your SuiteCommerce site locked down and accessible only to approved customers, without having to approve every user!

This SuiteCommerce extension allows designated users to create new contact records associated with their customer record.

Approve the first user from a company in my account and assign them as a designated approver. Once approved, this individual can manage users and grant new user access to your web store for employees at their company.


Bundle Features

  • Approve one user from a company in My Account
  • Once an individual is approved, they can be a designated approver and approve other users from their company
  • User roles restrict whether a particular person can see the employees tab
  • Customizable fields to match your use case (ex. role)
Use this alongside Single Login Customer Swapping, and gain the ability to create a new contact for a customer that you were not logged in as!

Business Use Cases

  • Keep your site restricted to only allowed users while saving your team time, not requiring them to approve every user
  • Allow designated individuals to add new contacts (associated with their customer record) and give them access to your site
  • Associate individuals (such as sales reps) with particular customers or projects

Employee & Contact Access Management

Explore the key functionality of our Contact Management Solution in this video demonstration of the SuiteCommerce extension. Plus, you'll be introduced to two unique use cases for the solution!


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