Child Customer "Impersonation"

A SuiteCommerce Extension by the Developers at Anchor Group

child customer impersonation suitecommerce

This SuiteCommerce extension provides a login menu in the header that allows a Parent Customer to toggle to a Child Customer that they want to shop on behalf of.

Note: This solution does not truly switch customer records. To learn about that functionality, visit the page for our Single Login Customer Swapping solution.

When a contact uses this Child Customer "Impersonation" feature to toggle to a child customer store view, the shopping experience inherits that Child Customer's pricing and locks the Child Customer's information in checkout.


Bundle Features

  • Carries through the checkout process and into the sales order
  • Locks shipping address to child customer in the checkout process

Business Use Cases

  • Lets you shop on behalf of one of their locations, but still be logged in as the parent

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