Loading Multiple Types of Transaction Records Without The Specific Type

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When you're working with SuiteScript, you may run into situations where you are running a transaction search for records and need to load those records, but don't know the type of each specific record. The set of code blocks included below are useful if you are processing multiple types of transactions, and you need the specific record.Type for each type of transaction that you are working on.

Load NetSuite Transaction Records Step-by-Step

  1. Get a list of all the specific types of transactions your script will be processing.
  2. Create a transaction mapping object, mapping the internal NetSuite transaction type code to the correct record.Type value.

Below is an example:

        const TRANSACTION_MAPPING = {
            "VendBill": record.Type.VENDOR_BILL,
            "ItemRcpt": record.Type.ITEM_RECEIPT,
            "Journal": record.Type.JOURNAL_ENTRY,
            "CashSale": record.Type.CASH_SALE,
            "CashRfnd": record.Type.CASH_REFUND,
            "CustInvc": record.Type.INVOICE,
            "InvAdjst": record.Type.INVENTORY_ADJUSTMENT,
            "Check": record.Type.CHECK

3. Add the record type as a search column, as such below:

search.createColumn({name: "type", label: "Type"})

4. When loading each record, use result.getValue(“type”) with your transaction mapping to get the correct record.Type loaded.

This is how it would look:

const transactionRecord = record.load({
    type: TRANSACTION_MAPPING[result.getValue("type")],
    id: result.getValue("internalid")

Author: John Baylon 

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