Insufficient Permissions Error with User Event Script running as Administrator

in , May 10th, 2024
Note: This article covers a technical topic related to SuiteScript, and so is directed at developers. If you are working to troubleshoot this issue in NetSuite and do not have experience working with SuiteScript, we reccomend reaching out to a NetSuite developer who can support you!

Insufficient Permissions Error

For some inexplicable reason, a user event script in NetSuite sometimes throws an "Insufficient Permissions" error even though its deployment is set to run as an administrator. Here are two workarounds you can use to resolve the issue.

Solution 1: Use a Different Default NetSuite Role with Sufficient Permissions

You can use a NetSuite role other than administrator that has the necessary permissions. My personal favorite default role is CEO because it already has most of the permissions needed by a typical user event script.

Solution 2: Create a Custom NetSuite Role with the Necessary Permissions

If you need more permissions, you can make an offshoot of the CEO role that includes the permissions your script needs. For example, if your script is calling a map/reduce to run, under Permissions > Setup, add the SuiteScript and SuiteScript Scheduling permissions and set their level to full.

IMPORTANT: Do not forget to name your role something appropriate and easily understandable for its use, rather than just “CEO 2.”

Author: John Baylon

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