How to Task a Map Reduce Script

in , , May 2nd, 2024
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Why Task a Map Reduce Script?

As a developer, you may encounter a situation where you need to trigger a complicated process from something like a User Event Script (record save or creation).

However, user Event Scripts have limited script governance, while Map Reduce scripts have much, much more. Thus, tasking a Map Reduce Script to process data for you is often a better solution.

Below is the code you can use to trigger a Map Reduce script using the task module, as well as a few tips to ensure the solution's success.

Code: Using the Task Module to Trigger a Map Reduce Script

//Be sure to load the "task" module!
//create the task
let mapReduceTask = task.create({
    taskType: task.TaskType.MAP_REDUCE,
    scriptId: "customscript_ag_mr_script_id",
    deploymentId: "customdeploy_ag_mr_deployment_id",
    params: {
        custscript_param_1: JSON.stringify(someObject),
        custscript_param_2: someString
//submit the task
  • Ensure the scriptId and deploymentId match the existing Map Reduce script you want to run.
  • Pass data to the Map Reduce script by defining script parameters on the Map Reduce Script record and setting them in the code (shown above).
NOTE: Remember that the task module can be used to trigger many other processes, not just Map Reduce scripts.

Author: Sam Gagliardi

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