Grunt React Component Defined but not Used Stencil ESLint Error

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Error: Defined Grunt React Component Not Used

When running Grunt, you encounter an unsolvable "defined but not used" error when defining and using a React component in the Stencil environment. This error is frustrating because you have defined and used the component, but the Grunt script won’t complete.

You are getting this error, but you are using the component correctly.

Resolving the Used Stencil ESLint Error

Run the following in your terminal.

npm install --save-dev eslint-plugin-react
Note: If you get an upstream conflict error add the --legacy-peer-deps flag to the above npm install.

Add the following to your .eslintrc file in the stencil project root directory.

'extends': [

Now, you should no longer be getting the error!

Author: Maxwell Sherwin

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