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NetSuite Native Lease Accounting Compliance

LeaseQuery makes accountants’ lives easier by simplifying the complex with technology. More than 28,000 financial professionals globally rely on our cloud-based, CPA-approved solutions, and in-house accounting expertise to comply with confidence across various FASB, GASB, and IASB accounting standards. Our software helps businesses minimize risk, increase efficiency and reduce costs.


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LeaseQuery Features

  • Native SuiteApp
  • Built for NetSuite Certified
  • ROU asset calculations & amortization tables 
  • One-click journal entries 
  • Automatic lease classification Central repository for lease management information 
  • Ability to issue payments directly to the lessor from NetSuite 
  • A dedicated support team with a 1 hour personal first response time during normal business hours
  • Send Journal Entries,  Accounts Payable, & Accounts Receivable
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