Multi-Cart (Dynamic Carts)

A SuiteCommerce App by the Developers at Anchor Group

multi-cart suitecommerce dynamic carts

This SuiteCommerce extension allows customers to create multiple dynamic carts (instead of wishlists) & toggle between them. See live changes with price levels, move items from one cart to another, and even merge entire carts!

Lets carts be shared between contacts on a single customer record, or even across customer records.

When the customer is ready to check out with a cart, they simply set it to active and follow the normal checkout process.


Bundle Features

  • Manage multiple dynamic carts, and set a cart as active to check out
  • See live changes with price levels
  • Customize cart button labels and item data displayed from the website configuration extensions tab
  • Move Items from one cart to another
  • Merge entire carts

Business Use Cases

  • Create carts (instead of wishlists) & toggle between them
  • Create carts and share them between customer records
  • Create carts and share them between users of a single customer record

Product Details

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