Prop 65 Warning

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suitecommerce prop 65 warning

Every business that sells products in the state of California is required to include Prop 65 warnings on items containing chemicals that can cause cancer, birth defects, or lead to other reproductive harm.

Protect yourself from compliance issues with this SuiteCommerce extension!

In checkout, a Prop 65 warning displays for non-logged-in users and users with a default shipping address in CA.


Bundle Features

  • Prop 65 Warning displays for all users who’s primary address is CA
  • Warning displays for all users who aren’t logged in for full compliance with Prop 65

Business Use Cases

  • Helps California ecommerce business stay compliant
  • Helps ecommerce businesses who sell to customers in CA stay compliant
  • Helps ecommerce businesses who may see purchases from California residents stay compliant.

Display a Prop 65 Warning

The Prop 65 warning displays directly below the item name in cart views, helping you stay compliant. The warning only displays for non-logged-in customers, and for logged-in customers whose address is in CA.

prop65 warning for suitecommerce

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