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This SuiteCommerce extension adds a CSV upload section to the cart view, and is especially handy for B2B companies with customers placing large repeat orders.

The CSV order import extension allows customers to prepare a CSV file ahead of time, and add large numbers of items to their cart at once through a single import, rather than having to add each item to the cart individually.

No longer limited to 100 unique items!


Bundle Features

  • Drag and drop area for CSV uploads
  • Button to select a CSV doc from computer
  • Allows SKU as item identifier
  • Include instructions to guide customers with CSV file preparation and upload
  • Allows items to be added through a single CSV import, No longer limited to 100 items per upload!
  • Error handling

Business Use Cases

  • B2B customers who frequently place large orders containing similar products each time can make minor adjustments to a standard order template and upload items all at once
  • Individuals placing recurring orders on behalf of a customer can quickly upload a standard order form and place the order

Place Bulk Orders on SuiteCommerce

See our SuiteCommerce CSV Order Import tool in action in this video demonstration.

Error handling csv import

Error Handling

Built in error handling in case your customer tries to import items in the wrong format. Everything except items with errors get added to the cart. Then the customer can make decisions from there whether they want to use the native "quick-add" to get the rest of their items to the cart.

suitecommerce bulk order help

CSV Upload Instructions

Include expandable instructions to help customers prepare for and complete their CSV upload. Include information such as required fields, comments on quantities, etc.

Implementation Time

Implementation Time

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