SuiteCommerce GST/VAT Extension

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suitecommerce gst/vat tax extension

Ensure tax law compliance with this GST/VAT extension! This extension looks at the category of a user and will display pricing with or without tax included based on that user's status as either a trade (distributor) customer or a cash (retail) customer.

Once the customer is logged in, trade customers will see prices that exclude GST, along with messaging indicating that these prices are excluding GST. Retail customers and non-logged in users on the other hand will see prices with GST included.


NetSuite App Features

  • Two customer types for adjusting include vs. exclude GST
  • Include or exclude GST/VAT in listed product prices depending on the customer type
  • Displays messaging indicating whether GST/VAT are included in the listed product prices
  • Clearly indicate what GST/VAT is costing the customer in checkout when "list prices exclude GST/VAT" applies to the customer

Business Use Cases

  • Companies in Australia are legally required to show whether the price includes GST
  • Include GST for cash, individual, retail customers
  • Exclude GST for trade or distributors
price excluding GST tax suitecommerce

Price Excluding GST

When logged in as a trade customer or distributor, prices will exclude GST, and customers will see prices have "excluding GST" messaging across the site. In the checkout view, for customers who need GST excluded this extension will show the total amount they're paying for GST listed after the subtotal.

pdp view price includes screenshot

Price Including GST

For typical retail customers, this extension will show item list pricing with tax, and includes messaging indicating that the subtotal includes GST.

Note: All non-logged-in users area treated as retail customers.


Product Details

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Implementation Time

30 hours

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