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Our team of Oracle consultants is ready to complete your most technically challenging projects! You'll have access to more than just a consultant. Our team is ready to provide a strategic approach to resolving your pain points. Whether you are looking to implement Oracle PBCS or fixing an issue that didn't go as planned with your first attempt, our team is a good fit. We come in, analyze your business, and offer suggestions for architectural or solution changes to match your business goals. 

Our engagement is simple, and we don't require a minimum project amount to get started using our services. As you grow your organization, you will need support along the way to keep you on the right track and to identify potential gaps in your solution that can be easily resolved. Having an Oracle PBCS consultant available to advise, implement, and support is key to any cloud solution success. This is true with other software solutions like Oracle NetSuite too. Consultants and developers who are ready to guide you, add bandwidth, and help your organization succeed are key to any cloud-based solution. 





What is Oracle PBCS?

Planning Budgeting Cloud Service

Oracle PBCS is an Oracle Cloud product called Planning Budgeting Cloud Service and is sometimes just referred to as Planning and Budgeting Cloud. PBCS is the first Hyperion EPM product on the cloud, and it is an application based on Oracle Hyperion Planning that supports enterprise-wide planning, budgeting, and forecasting in the cloud. As Oracle shifts more towards the cloud, you will see fewer solutions that are on-premises. If you are shifting to the cloud it's important to know that PBCS’s core functionality is the same as Oracle Hyperion Planning on-premises. This means that you get all the perks of Hyperion planning, but in an easier to maintain cloud-based solution. 

Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud allows for integrations with other common software solutions in the Microsoft suite of products including Excel, Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint. When you use the "Smart View" plugin to assist with your reports, you can view all your data in an excel document.


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