Self Implement SuiteCommerce

Why Self Implement?


Ultimately, your team will eventually need to know how your SuiteCommerce website works and the pieces to the puzzle. Self implementing can also help reduce the cost to transition to a SuiteCommerce website. Here are some of the reasons that many of our customers wanted to self implement.

1. "We wanted to know how the in and outs of our system from Day 1"

2. "We have a dedicated NetSuite admin who already knows a lot about NetSuite"

3. "We have full time employees that can be dedicated to the project to help reduce costs"

4. "We are training our employees on our systems"

These are all very good reasons why you may want to self implement your SuiteCommerce website. The major risk is when you go at it blindly. This can result in a lot of wasted time which ultimately keeps you from selling your products and paying for an unused license. Additionally, there are a lot of detailed steps that can be difficult to troubleshoot without help. That is why we created a single guided course to help your team implement the NetSuite ecommerce website by themselves (DIY). It takes them through the process with an expert by their side. 

SuiteCommerce Implementation Course Contents:

This course is designed for a SuiteCommerce Standard NetSuite ecommerce implemention. If you are implementing SuiteCommerce Advanced, then we suggest you partner with a SuiteCommerce agency like Anchor Group to perform the implementation. If you want to learn the differences between SuiteCommerce standard and SuiteCommerce Advanced, then check out this article. The base course will walk you through a real implementation from start to finish! By adding the advanced course package, you can customize your website even further.

Base Course

  • Selecting the correct starter theme

  • Purchasing pre-built extensions (advanced product sorting)

  • Understanding native features

  • Predicting custom features

  • Installing SuiteCommerce bundles

  • SSP Applications

  • Creating Commerce Categories

    • In ERP​

    • Via Site Management Tools

  • Website Setup

  • Set up your domain in NetSuite

  • Importing Redirects

  • Sitemap Generator

  • Product Feeds

  • Configuration

  • Site Management Tools

    • Commerce Categories​

    • Create pages

    • Publish Content

    • Create custom cms area

    • Edit the theme colors

    • Insert HTML area

  • SuitePromotions

  • Invalidation Requests

  • Extension Manager

Advanced Course Additions

  • ​Developer Tools Setup​

  • Introduction to HTML and CSS

  • Testing Locally

    • Themes ​

    • Extensions

  • Introduction to Advanced Development techniques

    • Editing theme code templates​

    • Creating and Editing extensions

  • Deploying code to extension manager

  • Code activation

How much does the SuiteCommerce implemention course cost?

You can get the course by itself, but we highly recommend that you purchase the course with the developer support option. We have never seen an implementation where there isn't any custom options that a business needs before they go-live with the website. Our developers can even do custom scripting that affects the front-end. We have built advanced sorting options, custom records in my account, theme changes, and more using these packaged hours. 

Base Course: $1400

Base Course + 15 Developer Hours: $3200

Base Course + Advanced Course Additions: $1550

Base Course + Advanced Course Additions + 15 Developer Hours: $3500


Do I need to know how to code?

Do you suggest I purchase the developer support hours?

How do I purchase SuiteCommerce?

How technical is the course? Could an intern do it?

SuiteCommerce Online Course

We have combined some of our best NetSuite online courses in addition to creating a simplified SuiteCommerce developer course. This is the perfect package of learning to help you self implement your SuiteCommerce Standard website. It will guide you through the entire process using a real example. Just follow along and branch off with your own customization's where you need to fit your business model. NetSuite data can be brought directly into your SuiteCommerce website without complex NetSuite integrations. Instead, you can use configuration, extensions, themes, and more to pull all your data needed to show in your website. You will learn how you can create stunning custom ecommerce websites off of the starter theme.

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