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SuiteScript Developer


The SuiteScript Developer Course will prepare you to take on complicated scripts by building foundation developer skills. The course has short video demos and lectures followed by assignments. Each assignment has a solution so that you can compare what you are doing with a completed version. 

This course has some of the hardest assignments out of the courses we have created because of the technical ability you will be forming. Give yourself plenty of time to learn each of these key areas of NetSuite training and you will form useful skills for NetSuite development. 

Course Contents:

This course covers more than just SuiteScriping even though it is the primary focus of the course. Here is the table of contents of the course. 

Estimated Duration of Course: 2-3 Weeks

  • Prerequisite Course (Free)

  • Computer Setup

  • JavaScript Practice (JSON Files)

  • SuiteScript Part 1

  • SuiteScript Part 2

  • RESTlet and Postman

  • Advanced PDF Templates

  • Email Templates


Each course you purchase gets one FREE 30 minute tutor session to help you work through your assignments when you get stuck. You will get access to a special Slack channel specific to this course to be able to ask questions to others working in the course. Tutors monitor the channel to provide support when needed.